Imitation Cotton Polyester Fabric

Introduction of Imitation Cotton Fabric

    Cotton-containing chemical fiber fabrics are many, such as Nylon-cotton fabric and polyester-cotton fabric (we often say TC). There is enough comfort and enough wear-resisting, perfect for outwear coats or work uniforms.
   Today I would like to introduce a 100% polyester fabric, but we call it “Super imitation cotton.”. Because this fabric is very much like cotton, this fabric is very similar to cotton in terms of vision, feel, and wear. But at the same time, it is with the polyester characters: light-resistant, wear-resistant, resistant to mold, and other characteristics. So it is with a broader use.

Production principle of Imitation Cotton Fabric

   Super imitation cotton fabric is a kind of differential polyester product, which mainly imitates cotton fiber by changing the coarse feeling and fluffy of polyester filament. The modified yarn has better hygroscopicity and permeability.
    As the yarn goes from smooth to loft, the light will diffuse reflection on the fabric surface, making the fabric look like cotton fabric.

Production of Imitation Cotton Fabric

    Greige finished only half of the success. The effect of the imitation cotton usually depends on the finishing process. The dyed polyester fabric is generally more rigid than the cotton, so it needs soft finishing. Pay attention to shaping the 3D cotton feeling in the high-temperature setting procedure.

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