Newly Popular Diamond Yarn Fabric

    Diamond yarn fabric? It sounds bling-bling, haha. What is it in the end?
    Diamond yarn fabric is polyester fabric mixed with some diamond yarn. Diamond yarn is a flat, bright polyester FDY yarn from 50d-150d, usually black and white. It is brighter and shinier than ordinary FDY, so it is called diamond yarn.

Diamond Yarn Fabric

    Diamond yarn fabric is made by high-speed jet machine weaving, using high twist FDY and diamond yarn interweaving. After dyeing, the fabric shows meteor-like faint flashing and diamond effect, emitting diamond and metallic texture under the light.

  Diamond fabric flash is different from the general bright fabric. It will not be the whole fabric bright flash, but in the specific light of the stars sparkling, very senior, is the latest year of the new favorite.


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