Reusable protective clothing to look forward to

Disposable protective coverall is made of non-woven with PF film

SF protective clothing is a very good personal protective equipment for medical personnel. The material’s good performance is been verified.

  • Breathable
  • Good filtration
  • Waterproof

Why we find new material for reusable protective clothing

As a government-recommended protective clothing factory, we work overtime every day. However, the shortage of raw materials is very serious for nearly half a month, material prices are rising every day. Though we have strong material suppliers, several products have been discontinued due to raw material problems.

We have to consider an alternative, the new material is a super good performance at filter bacteria. It is used in spaceflight tech before, expensive, but it is not a problem now.

What is PTFE film

While PTFE is inherently impermeable by water, it has a microporous structure that allows the passage of water when it is in a gaseous form. When your body sweats, for instance, it emits steam, and this steam can freely move through PTFE. Liquid water in the form of rain, however, cannot pass through this waterproof fabric. It is slippery to the touch and easy to clean. Furthermore, PTFE has high abrasion resistance, and it has high tensile strength.


Let's see what the PTFE VS PE performance


   It can be seen that all indexes of PTFE membrane are better than PE membrane. Because the membrane is very expensive, it was not previously used for disposable clothing. But with the global demand for protective clothing soaring, there aren’t enough materials to keep health care workers using them.
   Although PTFE membrane is expensive, it can be used repeatedly. After 70 times of washing, it still has satisfactory filtration and waterproof and breathable effect. Therefore, we have reason to believe that this isolation clothing can be used at least 10 times or more. This will greatly save the customer’s procurement costs, reduce shipping time and costs.

Wash Easily

  1. When washing with disinfectant, such lotions with disinfecting function as 84 Disinfectants can be used.

 Mix 84 Disinfectant at a ratio of 1:500. After soaking for about 20 minutes, wash the suit according to the normal washing flow, rinse with clear water for 2-4 times and dry in the air.

  1. It can be washed with ordinary soap in daily life, and sun-drying can achieve disinfection effec

Reuable protective clothing is made by order.

If you are interested in the products or materials, please contact with me.


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