What are the types of chemical fiber fabrics

    As a woven fabric supplier, I know that customers do not care much about the fabric type, only care about the fabric performance. However, in dealing with fabric suppliers, it is often due to inefficient communication of not clear of fabric type.
    Here, I would like to share with my clients and friends the types of woven fabric. I hope this can be some helpful. 

Peach Skin Fabric

   Peach skin fabric is a kind of fabric whose surface looks and feels like peach skin. This is made of ultra-fine synthetic fiber, a kind of thin sand-ground pile fabric. The fabric is covered with a particularly short and delicate nap. It has the functions of moisture absorption, breathability, waterproof and silk-like appearance, and style. The fabric is soft, lustrous, and smooth.
    Mainly used for beach pants, women’s blouses, skirts,  etc.


Recycled Pongee
    Pongee is a smooth surface, light and firm wear-resistant, elastic and glosses good, not shrink, easy to wash, quick-dry, feel good.There are two types of pongee, full-DTY yarn, and semi-DTY yarn.
    Pongee is a full polyester product. After dyeing, finishing, it can be waterproof, down-proof, anti-static, matte, lamination, and other functions. The main specifications are plain, twill, stripes, grid, Jacquard. The fabric is light, soft. It is the best product for down jackets, cotton jackets, jackets, sportswear, etc.


    Taslon is a kind of nylon yarn with cotton characteristics. The main specifications are tabby, twill, grid, interlock, Jacquard, pick, etc. After dyeing, finishing processing can be waterproof, fireproof, dustproof, cold-proof, anti-toxic, anti-static, anti-paste, and other functions.
    After dyeing and finishing, the fabric surface presents a unique style: the jacket windbreaker, the first choice of sportswear. Taslon. Technically, TASLON is 100% nylon, but it can also be made of polyester.

Polyester Taffeta

    Polyester taffeta, a synthetic fiber type, is smooth, non-stick, elastic, bright and shiny, bright and eye-catching color, not easy to wrinkle, shrinkage rate less than 5%, monofilament thickness uniform, not easy to break, ignite fiber, have other odor.
    Polyester taffeta is composed of 100% polyester. After dyeing, finishing, it can be waterproof, anti-fouling,  anti-static, matte, and other functions. The main specifications are tabby, Twill, stripes, plaid, jacquard, and so on.
    It is the best choice for the lining material of clothing. The lining material is an important auxiliary material of clothing. It can make clothing have good shape-preserving property, give additional support to clothing, reduce clothing deformation, and make clothing more straight and even for the best effect.

Nylon Taffeta

    Nylon taffeta is nylon FDY woven fabric.  The weight per square meter can be divided into two types: medium (80G/m2) and thin (40G/m2). Nylon taffeta is composed of 100% nylon. After dyeing, finishing,  it can be waterproof, dustproof, down-proof, anti-fouling,  anti-static, moisture absorption, perspiration, and other functions, the main specifications are tabby, Twill, stripes, grid, jacquard, etc.

The cloth surface is tabby, exquisite. The hand feeling is exquisite, soft. It is a perfect fabric for down jackets, cotton clothing,  jacket windbreaker, sportswear,  camping tent, and sleeping bag. Mainly used for men’s and women’s clothing fabrics. The coated nylon fabric is impervious to wind and water and has down-proof properties. It is used for ski shirts, raincoats, sleeping bags, and mountaineering clothes.

400T Nylon Taffeta with Cire

Nylon Polyester Taffeta

    Nylon polyester taffeta is a kind of nylon filament and bright polyester filament interwoven products.  In the gorgeous sunlight or colorful neon lights, it shows different colors and lights. After dyeing and finishing, it is waterproof, anti-static, anti-down, and so on. The main specifications include tabby, coarse twill, fine twill, grid. Is a great choice for home textile products, down jacket, jacket windbreaker.

Nylon Polyester Blend Ripstop Fabric


    Suede is a polyester chemical fiber product with waterproof, anti-wrinkle, anti-cold, and other functions. The main specifications include warp, weft, double latitude, and so on. The fabric has a strong feeling of fluff and drop. Novel finishing technology and popular colors give the wearer a sense of refinement, is a windbreaker, jacket, fashion winter clothing, decorative packaging of good materials.

Light Spinning

    Light spinning is divided into half light and full light. Half-light is 50D by warp and 50D by weft. Full Light, all warp and weft are 50D, all bright. Both are plain, generally have 190T, 210T, 230T. it is often used for clothing lining.

Nylon Cotton Fabric

    Nylon cotton, is made of nylon and cotton yarn interwoven on the air-jet loom. It is an ideal material for making casual wear and fashion. Specifications are tabby, twill, satin, matte, plaid, Jacquard, and other series. The cloth surface is lustrous and gorgeous, the hand feeling is smooth and full, more suitable for a windbreaker, cotton-padded clothes, jacket, etc.

IMG 6921 e1538493362112

Polyester Cotton Fabric

    Polyester cotton is also called TC, made by polyester and cotton yarn interwoven on the air-jet loom. It is very suited for casual, fashionable clothing. Specifications are tabby, twill, Satin, extinction, and other series. The cloth surface is lustrous and gorgeous, the hand feeling is smooth and full, more suitable for a windbreaker, cotton-padded clothes, jacket, etc.

21S TC Polyester/Cotton Fabric


    Chiffon is a textile process. It is a strong twist crepe warp, crepe weft weaving the fabric of a process. Categories include silk chiffon and silk-like chiffon.
    Silk Chiffon general composition of 100% polyester (chemical fiber class), its famous representative is Georgette!
    Texture features: light, soft, natural sag feel good, feel good skin (of course, these are only the appearance of the characteristics, how to imitate, but still not as good as real silk chiffon), but silk chiffon because it is pure chemical fiber, it washes more difficult to decolorize, not afraid of exposure, cares up very convenient (machine wash), firmness is also better.


    Satin is mainly used for women’s clothing, pajama fabrics or underwear. The product has wide popularity, good gloss drape, soft feel, and silk-like effect. 

1. Non-twist satin is a traditional fabric that looks like silk, which is comfortable, gloss. It is very suitable for casual fashion pajamas, pajamas, and so on. The ideal fabric bedding can make mattresses, bedspreads, and so on.

2. The elastic satin, which is added with spandex yarn.  The fabric uses are extensive. Not only can it be made of casual pants, sportswear, suits, and so on, but also bed material. 

3.  The bamboo satin design adopts the ingenious combination and collocation of “Big bright silk” and “Bamboo silk,” making the cloth surface bright and a bamboo-like style effect. It is suitable for autumn women’s nine-point pants, leisure suits, and bedding, ideal fabrics for home decoration. 

4. The recycled satin fabric. The new development satin product. Which is a suitable satin style product. Very suit for the high-class garment.

Recycle Polyester Satin Fabric

Oxford Fabric

    Oxford fabric is a new type of fabric with various functions and wide uses.

1. Tulle Oxford:

The warp and weft yarns of this fabric are made of polyester FDY. The fabric is woven by plain weave on a water-jet loom. The fabric is treated with relaxation, alkali content, dyeing, anti-static, and coating. It has a light and thin texture, a soft handle, good waterproof, and good durability.

2. Nylon Oxford:

The fabric's warp and weft are 210D/420D nylon filaments. It is a plain weave structure. The product is made by water-jet weaving. After the dyeing and finishing, and coating process, the grey fabric has the advantages of the soft handle, strong drapability, novel style, waterproof performance, etc. . Because of its fine quality, novel design, and color, deeply loved by users. The fabric is with the advantages of non-fading and non-deformation.

3. DTY Oxford:

The fabric warp and weft are made of DTY300D polyester yarn, interweaved on the water jet loom with thick-point change air-permeable fabric. After the fabric is relaxed, refined, pre-set, alkali reduction, soft, and set, the opposite side of the fabric is coated with the rubber-plastic layer. It is a fine texture, gloss, and soft, waterproof product, is a perfect product for the bag and travel case.

4. Teague Oxford:

The fabric is made of polyester DTY400D interlaced filament and polyester DTY filament 400D weft. It is made of Teague texture interwoven on a water-jet loom (with tap). The fabric design is novel, unique technology, the front grid, 3D feeling, as the most prominent part of the fabric. On the reverse side of the coating (PU) process, making it more waterproof, the drape is better, is the production of a variety of fashionable materials bags.

Taslon Oxford

  The warp of the fabric is 70D/5 nylon yarn, and the weft is 500D nylon yarn. The product is made of plain weave structure by air-jet weaving. After the dyeing and finishing, and coating process, the fabric has the advantages of the soft handle, strong drapability, novel style, waterproof performance, etc. . Because of its fine quality, novel design, and color, deeply loved by users. The fabric is with the advantages of non-fading and non-deformation.


Memory Fabric

    “Memory” function fabric, from the plastic fiber and nylon fiber composite. The memory fabric will have wrinkles after being scratched but disappearing after smooth, which is very similar to human memory function.
    Memory is with a bright appearance, a comfortable feel, a good drape effect, and recovery ability to become one of the world’s most fashionable fabrics at present.
Existing specifications: Tabby twill color and other varieties, which to two-color effect of the main products.
    After finishing processing: environmentally friendly dyeing, water, Teflon, bronzing, silver, printing, p/A, P/u transparent glue, white glue processing, high water pressure skin film, wet and dry air permeability adhesive, t/PU permeability film.

Imitation Memory Fabric

    Imitation memory fabric is made of polyester FDY75D/144F memory yarn as raw material. After being twisted, it is woven with plain weave, twill weave, and other organizations on a water jet, dyeing, and finishing technology first-class, especially through the fabric embossing, its fabric surface appearance is fresh and free from vulgarity, the quality of impeccable advantage to lead the market coquettish.
It is suitable for fashion suits, skirts, and other clothing, into the upper body is gorgeous, elegant, and charming.

    The main uses: functional outdoor sportswear, racing clothing, brand clothing, down jacket, raincoat, jacket, sportswear, casual wear, handbags, bags, sleeping bags, tents, bedding, and so on.

Cotton feel memory fabric printed

Metal Yarn Fabric

    Metal yarn fabric is one-based polyester-cotton, nylon-cotton, nylon-polyester, cotton fabric with little metal material inside. 
   Metal fabric refers to a kind of high-grade fabric formed by the metal fibers treated by high-tech yarn drawing and embedded into the fabric. In the overall fabric, the metal yarn accounts for about 3% ~ 8%. At the same technical level, the higher the proportion of metal, the more expensive it is.
1. Using metal and polyester, nylon filament woven from the fabric surface has a metallic luster, faint flashing, and changes with light source change.
2. Metal Filament has special rigidity and flexible bending, so the fabric has a special shape memory crease effect.
3. The fabric has the functional effect of radiation protection, antistatic, and other health concepts.
As a result of the above characteristics, the fabric is suitable for the manufacture of men’s and women’s fashion coats, high-grade casual cotton-padded clothes, casual down jacket, wearing more can show elegant, luxurious, romantic temperament and taste.
Application: the metal yarn fabric has the luster of the metal and has the function of conducting and shielding. So it is widely used in scientific research, military high-tech, electronic and medical industries, etc., with high added value.


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